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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  June 11, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> i intend to serve out my term in virginia, effective july 31, i will be stepping down as majority leader. >> think about this. where stocks down today because eric cantor is on his way out today? welcome, i am neil cavuto. and it's hard to pinpoint the exact causes. but the fact that wall street lost a champion in a stunning upset does give some pots and does get the debate going.
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and it was his opponent who had said that you are a friend of the wall street community and i am a friend of the main street community. so rich edson, that issue has reverberated how big of an impact? >> it's a major impact. if you think about what has happened over the last 24 hours, we would talk about speaker eric cantor in the future. he has been wall street, he fundraisers on wall st. in chicago and he knows wall street while and he executed some policies in washington dc. plenty of question marks about who is going to step into the breach as majority leader. it does and that kevin mccarthy steps in not as entomb as eric cantor is, but is on that house
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financial services committee and does raise money. he's very much into what was going on with wall street. neil: you and i have been chatting about this. he was against the bank bailout and the like. >> i'm still trying to figure out what is the greatest thing he has done for wall street. >> i think that what this guy did effectively, and he gives a lot of this and immigration is a very divisive issue and i understand why working-class people are afraid of losing their jobs in this environment to people that come in.
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but eric cantor was not for opening the borders up but a more rational approach and that is the problem. he took this way too lightly. >> he spent a lot of money. >> you might be right. one thing that he said is do not interpret too much with what is the thinking in the mood across the country that is local. >> it is local, but i think that there is a message that has come up very strongly, which is that republicans need to heed the warning, which is don't align yourself with corporations. focus on the interest of the
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people. >> or all of these other people that have survived as well. >> they brought in tea party support, which is something that i think eric cantor struggled with and he was down in georgia where he launched an attack against the tea party and i think people take offense to that and that was one of the areas where eric cantor really lost the faith of the people in this district of virginia and i think that this is clearly an anti-eric cantor vote, he came in, dave brat, with a positive message and he supported the bailout obviously on the integration as well. >> is about this as well and it reminds me of my dad who is a working class guy.
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>> very conservative. and it's not that part of virginia. so that is one of the problems that you have in this district. >> i did want to ask you this. >> there are a lot of other issues that are going to be the deal. >> everyone else is saying that where have you guys been and i guess it's more an dead now, it's not getting done on capitol hill. you know, there are these issues that are percolating with tax reform and some of these other
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issues and they're not going to touch anything. and no one is going to be taking a difficult vote on anything. so we don't know what's going to shake out with republican leadership's from here. so there's a number of different questions as to what happens. but the agenda is basically dead for this year beyond any kind of necessary stock. so i would take a look at government spending in congress still has to pass the appropriations bill. so whatever you want to call it, you start to get a groundswell of people who don't want to comply with the numbers. neil: so do you get a sense that most of the major figures have survived and the big one has come and gone.
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>> i think what has been done is shocking of the results. but most come back and make sure that they are not isolating the tea party members to really bring up the votes. and i think that the a lot of missteps witness. >> this is the founder of home depot. >> i don't know how he wins this nomination. >> he will have to explain these big supporters.
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neil: you guys, thank you so much. coming up, have you ever had a problem with teachers that are tenured? well, a judge is saying that tenure is wrong.
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neil: you know, professors across the country are up in arms because something that they treasure deeply, that is tenure, it could be going away. a california judge has ruled that it is doing more harm than good, that it's a long way of saying teachers are going to lose this privilege right away, but they are very much worried right now. what to make of this. it is dislocating the evenness that we thought that we had in the u.s. educational system.
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michelle says this is a victory for all students. >> is a big win. not just for kids across the country. saying that they have a fundamental right to get an excellent education and making sure that they have a highly effective classroom every day. >> most of these were kids who are not into it. they were ill-prepared, not doing what they thought a teacher should do, so they were being ill served and we have all encountered them. so do you think this catches on? it has the ability to withstand appeals. but it could change everything, couldn't? >> absolutely. the judge's language and ruling
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is very strong and he was basically saying that these rules are around tenure. they are not serving kids well, but they are unconstitutional and that's unequivocal. so i think that already will be have seen today is that across the country states are picking up on this and we have governors and legislators and parents across the country saying, wait a second, this is a possibility. neil: a lot of this is easier said than done and they are putting up a heck of a fight in denver and north carolina, a number where the legislation is being considered, where the think it all goes?
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>> here's the bottom line. you can't really defend a system that ensures that people have a job regardless of performance. one of the expert witnesses that testified said that it can have a negative impact with 11 months of learning compared to just an average teacher. we cannot send stand have that kind of a situation when a fact that doesn't have to be the case. neil: no other profession secure service. it's tough, but it happens. but i guess what surprises me
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about this is how if any goodhearted feature could support a movement that breeds mediocrity. >> you're getting a lot of push back from them saying that this is pitting students against the teachers. and they say this is does not serve our profession well. we don't want to have a layoff to happen. we should be protecting the best teachers, saying that we have a lot of educators out there. neil: i'm glad you pointed that out. i want to encourage outstanding behavior and so if you want to encourage excellence, it should be contagious.
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>> i have found that a group of people who are least tolerant are ineffective teachers. especially when her colleague is not pulling their weight and the next year they inherit those kids and they have to do twice as much work with them. >> it's such an intimidating presence. so thank you so much. neil: coming up next, now we know that the senate is taking up veterans issues and we also know that once it comes up with its own veterans solutions, it then has to go to the united states for signatures.
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as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. neil: this much we know, help is on the way. for veterans who have been waiting for years for care. it may be that care is coming even though the measure in the senate and house, even if both are reconciled, it will take time and then you have to go to the president and he signs it. hope springs eternal. by the way, it was passed unanimously and where do we
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stand on this, congressman, and why can we implement things even faster? my hats off to you guys for moving as quickly as you did. you have reconciliation and why can't we get this going now? >> it depends on where we are today. today i asked if he started an investigation and he actually confirmed that the fbi is investigating and i actually think that's important. what we have seen is that there is no accountability in the va. we had them essentially committing fraud. and so that's very important. >> confirming the fbi is looking into it, does that mean indictment could be coming? >> it doesn't necessarily mean that they will be.
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and it is a criminal investigation. you could potentially see prosecutions and i think that that is important. so i think that harry reid has not stopped to do the easy thing and the obvious thing which would allow the va people to be treated like any other employee can be removed if they are not performing. the bill that we passed yesterday allowed them to get private care. so those are two common administrations of 80 to 90% of the american people. neil: it is the employee union that is bringing them together to fire it well without a long and drawnout administrative process. so they want all sorts of exceptions. you have a sense that this will
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include the right to provide vouchers so they can get the care right now? >> i can tell you that in the house, i know the union and the va accountability bill, that gives 380 votes in the house. when they were made to go on record, it's very encouraging. >> we talked about getting this care to the veterans. because back and forth, many of them are still waiting. >> well, if you look at how fast it's going now from the house and the senate, it's going on
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care drastically fast. so i think that another thing that you have to look at is we are also talking about incredible amounts of backup information and there's a lot to get through here and the urgency couldn't be more necessary. but looking at this, harry reid did say that he wanted to move this through and it looks like we are going to have this. neil: i think that you are chained into it. and i think that the va thing had to go to the front of the line. so where do you think this is going? >> is hard to believe that he wants to push this through.
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>> in the senate, all he wanted to do is ask orson consent. because he doesn't want to have the democrats have to explain why this administration is allowing us to continue. >> we need that top level big push authority to our vets and those who have served. and so there's a very difficult concept here and i'm having trouble figuring it out. in the meantime there should be sort of a real solution and there might be one of those solutions but we needed to happen now.
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neil: so this is politically correct that has gone a little too far. citing environmental concerns, this is part of a pattern3 this is part of a pattern here. so here we go, saying that this is getting crazy ridiculous here
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as well. >> why are they saying no to this? kids are actually trying to do a good thing and raise money. they are trying to start a car watch, teaching values in them and teaching them to save up for something and do something good. >> at the wastewater that going into the sewage system that they are concerned about. if you take a perspective on it, i can see why every little bit counts. want to recycle, you want to protect the water supply. >> i actually don't know the answer. it's actually a recycling
8:31 pm
project. >> i remember when i was young. >> i remember poring motor oil down the area. so let them use this, they should sponsor it, and you can still wash your car and raise money. >> but do we talk about the crackdown and the localities? actually if they are generating less than a thousand dollars a month in revenue. >> this is what i find really crazy right now.
8:32 pm
so why are they not worrying about that and this is what they are worrying about? they are going after these kids are trying to do something good. >> there are real problems going on in the world. this includes the heavy hand of government. >> they are trying to raise money to send them to band camp or whatever. >> and then they wreak havoc. [laughter]
8:33 pm
>> those children are actually trying to do good in trying to benefit and make their lives for themselves. >> we appreciate that. >> i think there's a lot of different things that you could do. but as we innovated over the past several decades, you know, we don't sell magazines anymore because no one is buying them. >> the problem is you can't sell candy in school anymore.
8:34 pm
>> you could still give out newspapers. >> if it's happening there, it will happen in other places. so we need them to say, this is ridiculous. neil: all right, guys, thank you so much. when we come back, when we come back -- when you ask people if we should fix our roads and bridges, everyone says absolutely. but they usually make sure you want to use the money to fix the roads and bridges. so yes, that is the problem. we will have that next after that. (mother vo) when i was pregnant...
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neil: most has supported federal gas tax hike you can use for fixing roads and bridges. if you are not a hash tag, it's not happening. the meantime, her business all-stars. the quid pro quo, you better use it. >> that sounds very reasonable. it had a driver's licenses and 716. neil: that is only a couple
8:39 pm
years ago. >> it's interesting because you want to reduce your personal costs. there's a lot of repairs that come along with it every year. the impact and potential is an incentive for the government to spend money if on this. >> you're right, they don't always do it. >> .make sense, of course washington doesn't work that way. the incentives are built in and we are giving him money for this project and the transit system in the bike path rather than the actual roads and bridges that they need to fix the. neil: what do you think of that?
8:40 pm
>> was looking back at obama saying that we will get to work on your roads and bridges. so here's my idea, take another tack, 5 cents of every gallon. every american can see it. then i want that money to go to very specific things and it has to be prepared in this way. >> there should be no tax increases. neil: doesn't he just and we have a lot of 120 billion plus a year on taxes and fees to fix
8:41 pm
them. so where is that money going? >> it's a very good idea to have money back here where they can spend it on workers in america. and we we're not going to get to that point. >> they are going to spend about what is already a broken mechanism to be on my worry is can you please tell me what we have done what the billions because i've already given you more. >> we have all heard this with high-speed rail and other things that are not coming to fruition. if there were improvement in public transportation on the federal level, it may not even be necessary. >> i want to thank you guys very much.
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neil: i know we live in that age of prenups. a lot of couples are assigning prenups the call for not sharing with particularly revealing pictures of the outside world and some are getting a heads up with their significant other not to do it now. i'm just thinking, what has
8:46 pm
happened to us? so a sign of the times? >> i actually wonder if lawyers are actually doing this. i can't imagine doing this of the legal profession. neil: it says so much about the relationship or lack thereof of the relationship if this is a problem. trust at that level could have a potential conflict would make the service and i think it's really interesting. >> i believe in freedom of expression. neil: would you sign a prenup in general? >> i don't think they are necessarily a bad idea. but when you talk about the vanity of a photo that might make you look fat, come on. neil: some say don't post
8:47 pm
pictures together. it's almost making the assumption of cheating. >> if the barometer for a healthier relationship. it could point to deeper issues. >> so if i only post on facebook once a day, is that indicative of how i feel? [laughter] >> i think it's a good idea,. >> hold on, hold on. >> it's a good way. think about this. these two have very different ideas about what facebook is for or social media and this includes abe picture of me on facebook, you know, it shows that picture off. so i think that it doesn't
8:48 pm
always make sense but it's a good idea to have these conversations and know where the boundaries lie. >> i think we are coming from is interesting. so before you get heads, maybe you talk about religion or your financial situation. communicate. perhaps those things can be hashed out ahead of time. neil: i just hope whatever you do, hash tag it as neil cavuto. [laughter] >> shameless. neil: so cannot really be part of what really seems to be this great movie, we are two years away as we put it online. this on the same day that we are learning that the first commercial zone is taking on,
8:49 pm
bp. so what do you think? >> i think that this is great. i think that this is a sign of a new industrial revolution and it shows that we are making huge gains. and also as i get in my car to go drive or i am going to set this dinner date of online ad open table. what we are doing is maximizing these things. >> i do a ton of shopping online, things like groceries and that kind of thing. it's so convenient. >> it's so much easier.
8:50 pm
>> we also have to look at how the revenue will work and that is how it will change as more people shop online. and how will advertisers will change for these companies. so how will that change the game of consumption. >> the cost is huge. when you think about stopping a warehouse, the fact that this could have huge consequences is very interesting. >> i like the concept and the ease of use. but where are we going as a society? >> part of this is going to be a job killer, i do believe.
8:51 pm
i think it's forming in the way that we have the middle-market and the amazons, the wal-marts, they are automating those liveries and locally you might have this as well and i think again that this is going to map it out as well. >> there's a lot of potential here. and we are still in this phase about how it will actually work out and how will a drone actually work. >> the drones are going to be drivers. i think they have it fully
8:52 pm
automated route and a gentleman or a woman unloading this for you. >> there won't be any people involved. >> this is good, this is increasing efficiency which will allow consumers to do this. >> so you just said you had no problems with this with watching what we do on facebook and the information sharing, and you have to be a good steward. >> yes, we just talked about that. and we will figure it out. >> the bottom line is this is here to stay. waiting to see how it goes and this is just the rule of the
8:53 pm
land. >> i think that we are all feeling it out right now. we are socially and mechanically and economically, we are being how well this works. it is evolving that way. part of me is scared of it. and i think it is another way that we step away from the personal touch, and that scares the heck out of me. >> 2014, if you look at how technology is changing now, this is one of the most central things even though it might be automated. it's a priority of a lot of these people. how you shop, how you pick up the items, advertising, all of this stuff. >> there's a lot of technology that isn't necessarily automated.
8:54 pm
there are industries that are otherwise a part of this happening. neil: coming up, the irs has been caught hat is a bit incredible that i thought no one could be in cahoots with. and then i found out that the fbi is actually telling the erez who to go after and where to go after and keeping tabs on how they are going after them. so that is weird. but it's not too weird.
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with this administration. and a lot of reaction to whether howard dean wants to go work and make a comeback. and as long as she has butter, she has what it takes. other people can cook, and she can go away. and then there is this. i usually listen to you every day on xm radio. i can't stand how you cut people off anymore. i'm out. and by the way, i didn't have time, i ripped up the e-mail. unlike america being destroyed from within, flip the channel. and a lot of you are not dealing
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with the president's latest rescue to have the rich pay for it. sarah says, unbelievable. and my husband and i pay for our kids to be educated and certainly didn't expect anyone else to help. this is destroying our country. and marcia writes that we need to put the job creators out of business, we would all be in much better shape. well, they are creative with that. and sooner or later they will run out of money and who do you tax them? take a wild guess. and finally, thomas has had enough. government bailouts have got to stop. if they don't stop, look at the pattern and the method. they had to be reworked every time and there is a rescue program aimed at getting them
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out of this. i'm telling you, there ought to be a bailout program for the folks who can't. but there is not. there is not a bailout program for that -- yet. that will do it, see you tomorrow. kennedy: the political earthquake that just rocked washington. tonight, the latest on eric cantor's stunning victory who inspired the key staffers. many call libertarian justice, giving us the inside story of what is happening in washington to be. we are talking about a legal immigrant children and the nsa claiming that it's just too busy to comply with pesky laws. and the bobo doll swap. are they really no threat to the united states? pillory clinton. this


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